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Voices from Employees


I have started to do work related to EMC testing in the 1980s, just when people began to question "What is EMC?".
At that moment, mounting an engine computer on vehicles was becoming mainstream and I was working on providing a countermeasure for defects by radiating radio wave with a transceiver in an anechoic chamber.
Besides EMC testing, I participated in an evaluation of vehicle antennas and I performed Field Testing etc. to obtain data of vehicle antennas under development.
In 1995 the EMC regulation was imposed on vehicles in Europe.
We were requested to perform EMC testing in accordance with standards by vehicle manufacturers and I launched testing which met standard requirements.
Currently, we perform fair and rigorous testing to evaluate vehicle components of foreign car manufacturers as well as domestic car manufacturers as an accredited third-party testing laboratory.
These days we are developing evaluation software for ourselves in order to perform more precise testing.
From now on, we are also going to focus our effort on vehicle testing and expand the field in which we can play an active part as an EMC specialist.
There are many things to be done in EMC field.
Working at EMCES is very challenging and interesting.

Technical engineer

I am mainly in charge of immunity testing for vehicle electronic devices.
We conduct immunity testing to make sure that vehicle electronic devices perform properly without a malfunction in the presence of an electromagnetic disturbance by radiating electromagnetic energy with special equipment.
A malfunction results in many kinds of unpredictable incidents.
Radio wave is always around us.
However, radio wave is invisible for us and its effect on electronic devices is unfathomable.
When I perform EMC testing, I always feel that the test is very important so that people who purchase a car equipped with the device tested at EMCES can drive without anxiety.
For fair and accurate measurement, I need to acquire and widen knowledge of Electromagnetics and an electronic circuit. It is sometimes hard, but at the same time, it is an interesting challenge for me.

Project Manager

I am in charge of a wide variety of work.
For example, sorting out effective solutions for our customers as Customer Relations, preparing brochures and web pages and taking part in exhibitions as Public Relations.
As I dealt with work, I started to think while carrying out my job what our customer want and how they want to receive it. I also began to set "aim", "strategy" and "result" for each work.
I am surrounded by good colleagues, senior workers and superiors, and working in a positive work atmosphere.
In everyday work I can learn a lot from my senior workers who experienced Product Development and I have discussions on devices with my colleagues.
The workplace, where you can set mid-and-long term strategy for ultimate goal and you can challenge to create an ideal outcome, is DENSO EMCES.

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