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Message from President

DENSO EMC Engineering Service (DENSO EMCES) was established in the year 2000 to provide vehicle and component EMC testing services to the motor industry.

With more than 30 years of experience, gained initially as DENSO's internal EMC Test Department and more recently in our own right as DENSO EMCES, we have continually developed our expertise and facilities. We provide testing services that not only confirm our customers' products meet the requirements for the domestic Japanese market but also conform to the requirements of world markets.

We are the only EMC Test Laboratory in Japan to hold direct recognition by Detroit's vehicle manufacturers (General Motors, Ford, Chrysler). We now conduct more than 2,500 EMC tests per year.

The motor industry faces a once-in-a-century revolutionary period.As new technologies in the era of electric-motor/self-driving cars have been progressing, the importance of EMC has been increasing from the perspective of safety and peace of mind.

DENSO EMCES will continuously contribute towards the further development of the automotive industry providing with our distinguished EMC testing skills and technologies by meeting the needs of our customers.


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