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Anechoic chamber (15 chambers)

In anechoic chambers, we perform emissions tests to measure the level of electromagnetic wave radiated from a DUT or wiring harness and immunity tests to investigate the tolerance of a DUT or wiring harness by exposing them to electromagnetic wave.

Test Capability Standard
Radiated emissions 9kHz - 6GHz CISPR25,Car manufacture's standards
Conducted emissions Voltage 10kHz - 200MHz
Current 10kHz - 1GHz
CISPR25,Car manufacture's standards
Radiated immunity 400MHz - 4GHz, 200V/m
(Horizontal only: 200MHz - 4GHz, 200V/m)
ISO11452-2,Car manufacture's standards
Radar pulse 1.2GHz - 1.4GHz, 600V/m
2.7GHz - 3.1GHz, 600V/m
Car manufacture's standards
Portable transmitters 28MHz - 4000MHz, 15W ISO11452-9,Car manufacture's standards
Stripline 10kHz - 1GHz, 200V/m ISO11452-5,Car manufacture's standards

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